Membership in the NHLTA is encouraged of all trustees, alternate trustees, former trustees, interested individuals, library directors, and members of friends groups. Membership offers educational opportunities through workshops, conferences, quarterly newsletter, regional networking gatherings, LISTSERV® networking, and resource materials on this website.
The membership year begins July 1 and ends June 30. The per-member rate is $30 with renewal invoices mailed mid-April of each year. A second invoice is mailed mid-August.
If you have any questions or corrections to your membership, please contact Marty Davis or email the changes directly to Please include the following information:
     Library Name
     Previous name and mailing address
     New name, (personal) mailing address, email, phone
     Membership Type: Trustee, Alternate, Library Dir/Staff, Individual, or Friend
     Position on Board (title): Pres/Chair, Vice Pres/Vice Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer
For new members (or if you misplaced your invoice), download the pdf of the membership form and mail the form and your check (payable to NHLTA) to:
           NH Library Trustees Assoc.
           25 Triangle Park Drive
           Concord, NH 03301

Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

Question: We paid for three trustees: Mary S., James W, and Wilma C., for the membership year July 1–June 30. However, James resigned in September and we had a replacement appointed—Francine B. Do we have to pay for another membership for Francine?

Answer: No, since Francine replaced James, she assumed his paid membership status. When a mid-term change occurs, it is important to notify NHLTA as soon as a replacement is appointed so that the new trustee can receive full membership benefits including mailings and other communications from NHLTA. Please email the info to
Question: Why does the invoice sometimes have “old” trustee names on it?

Answer:  Generally elections for town offices are held in March and if the trustee board does not notify NHLTA of the changes, the invoice will have “old” trustee names on it. When you return the invoice with your payment, simply cross out the outdated information and write in the new trustee name, address, email, phone, etc.
Question: Why does NHLTA need my personal information?

Answer: As is standard practice of membership in professional organizations, NHLTA also asks for personal information, however, this information is kept in confidence and is not distributed. NHLTA needs your mailing address in order for you to receive the quarterly newsletter, conference brochure, workshop notification, annual awards announcement and any other print communications regarding NHLTA events and educational opportunities. NHLTA also needs your email address in order for you to receive time-sensitive communications such as registration deadline reminders, event changes, advocacy action, and any other news that require an immediate response.
Question: Why do you send renewal invoices so early? We received our invoice around mid-April and the membership year starts July 1.

Answer: Mailing the membership renewal invoices early in mid-April gives trustee boards ample opportunity to review and approve payment of the invoice at their April, May, or June meetings. Local boards meet at different times—some meet during the first week of the month while others may meet during the third week of the month. 
Question: Why did NHLTA send us another invoice in late August?

Answer: If you didn’t pay for your membership renewals when you received the first invoice in April, then NHLTA mailed a second invoice in late August. This mailing gives you the opportunity to review and approve payment at your September meeting.