Susan Gaudiello, President, Barrington  • 

Ed Moran, Vice President, Bedford

Katrinka Pellecchia, Secretary, Lee  • 

Mark BranoffTreasurer, Windham 

Conrad MosesPast President, East Kingston  •

Lara Berry, Director, Epping  •

Debra Caplan, Director, Peterborough •

Anne Chant, Director, Tamworth  •

Janice ClarkDirector, Deerfield 

Nancy Court, Director, Northfield  •

Marty DavisDirector, Claremont

Constance KirwinDirector, Antrim

Bert SaulDirector, Holderness  •

Conrad Moses: Technical Advisor
TBD:  NHLTA liaison to the New Hampshire Library Association (NHLA)
Bert Saul: NHLTA liaison to the New Hampshire State Library (NHSL)
Michael York: Liaison from the New Hampshire State Library (NHSL)
Amy Lappin: Liaison from the New Hampshire Library Association (NHLA)

The Board of Directors represents the interests of the membership and has the responsibility for establishing, guiding, and assessing the overall direction of the organization and providing adequate support and resources to accomplish its mission.

Susan Gaudiello was chosen to once again serve as President of the NHLTA after having previously served in the position from 2016–2018. Susan has been a very active Director since she was elected to the Board in 2012. In addition to her leadership expertise, she brought twelve years of experience as a trustee of the Barrington Public Library. Susan has been a tremendous asset the Legislative Committees having drafted the NHLTA Legislative Advocacy Guide and to the Education Committee having developed the conference sponsorship program. She also served as chair of the Education Committee for two years and managed successful annual conferences, workshops and orientations during her tenure.
In addition to serving on the NHLTA Board of Directors, Susan is also a Friend of the Barrington Public Library.